Summer Concert in Rousse

June 15, 2022 admin

Upon invitation David Holzinger will revisit Bulgaria to conduct a Summer Concert with soloists and the Orchestra of the State Opera Rousse on the 29th of June 2022.

The program of the concert emphasizes the cultural – cross-country relations between Bulgaria, Romania and Austria. Works for orchestra and voice by renowned composers such as Petko Staynov, Pantscho Vladigerov, Paul Constantinescu, Constantin Dimitrescu, Johann Strauss and Franz Leh├ír will be performed

The soloists of this Summer Concert on the 29th of June will be:

Daniela KaraivanovaSoprano

Teodora TchukurskaMezzosoprano

Andreana NikolovaMezzosoprano

Ivan Penchev Tenor

Stoyan StoyandzhovBaritone